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Professional Services

My studio is running some of the most powerful audio software available. Professional services include:

  • Multi-track editing of music, dialogue, and sound effects
  • Mash-up editing for live performances (dance, DJ, theater)
  • Custom cues and compositions (special rates apply)
  • Mixing
  • Mastering
  • Noise reduction
  • Mobile recording (such as stereo room tracking, overdubs, instrumental auditions and vocal auditions)
  • Sound design

How to Begin a Project


1.Plan - Upon contact we will negotiate a plan based on your needs and your timeline. An estimate will be included.


2.Receive - You will receive an invitation via email to log into the Client Access portion of this website. Then you will be able to set a confidential username and password. In Client Access, you can view your current project(s) and any balance owed.


3.Log-in - Click on the link in your email invitation. You will be directed to this website where you will be asked to create an account. Input your name, phone number and a password.


4.Pay - If the charge for your project is $100.00 or more, a 25% refundable deposit is due before work begins. Log into your account and click on your balance in the account menu on the right side of the screen. Fill out your standard credit card info and click "Pay." You will receive a receipt through email and can print one too, if you wish. Payments are handled securely by


5.Upload - Upload your project files so I can work on them. Log into your "My Projects" page in Client Access and click the "Create Project" link. Fill out the description of the work you need done and upload your audio files.


6.Wait - During this time, some extended projects may require payment in installments, however most projects won't require this.


7.Download - Finished tracks will be posted on your "My Projects" page for you to download at your convenience.

Satisfaction Guarantee

I do everything I can to deliver superior service to my clients. If for any reason a client is not satisfied, he or she owes nothing and any deposits will be refunded. My services are truly risk-free.

Making Payments

Paying is simple and safe. I use banking services offered by Stripe, a reputable source for online paying. All major credit cards are accepted. You do NOT need to sign up for any outside account in order to use the Stripe payment system used on this website. For any project that costs $100.00 or more, I require a 25% refundable deposit. For longer projects, the total fee may be due in installments as the project is on-going.

Client Access

The "Client Access" button (located on the top-right side of the page) is where clients reach their "My Projects" page, which is a secure portion of the website that is unique to them. As my valued client, you will be given access to this portion of the site where you can:

  • view all of your projects
  • tell me what your tracks need
  • upload and download files between you and my studio
  • view any balance due
  • easily pay your balance

Data Security

This website is "https" secured and all data is backed-up.